Mr. Robin Redbreast doesn't like this cold weather!!!!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

DAY LILIES Galore in our Yard --2017

Welcome to JULY.....  I am not sure what happened to June --but it is gone!!!  Mercy Me!!!

Today I am featuring two of this year's Day Lilies blooming in our yard this month... The Header at the top is named Wild Horses Day Lily and this picture was taken on 6/13/17.

The Day Lily featured above is named  FUCHSIA DREAM DAY LILY.  This picture was taken on 6/20/17...

Hope you enjoy both of these Day Lilies...   We have many, many more beauties in our yard so I wish you were here to see them all in person!!!

Have a great month ahead..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA.   God Bless us ALL.