Mr. Robin Redbreast doesn't like this cold weather!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Glistening Trees

Welcome to February, 2016.... My one prayer for this month is for us NOT to have another month like we did in 2015.   Most of you will remember that our area suffered LOTS of damage from a devastating ICE STORM.  We were without electricity for several days (weeks for some) ---and terrible tree and home/building damage was found ALL over the county (and Cumberland Plateau).  It was something I hope to NEVER experience again...

BUT--as happens in all of life,  GOOD comes out of the BAD...  My picture today is AFTER the ice storm  when the sun came out!  The trees were covered with tiny little Jewels!!!!!!   The ice was still EVERYWHERE ----but when George and I stepped outside and looked up at the trees,  we were amazed.  Those glistening trees were just gorgeous...

Hope February is good to us this year,  and even though those glistening trees were beautiful,  I hope we don't see them this month in 2016!

BUT---I hope that all of you will stay warm beside the fire this month,  since I am using a close-up of our fireplace for my February Header picture above,  just to keep you warm.

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