CEDAR BREAKS National Monument, Utah; (Picture taken on our visit there, 9/17/17);

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Happy 2015 to ALL of You

Dear Friends,  As we begin a new year,  I will share this little poem with you.  A new year does give us a chance to begin again ---and is a time full of HOPE for a new beginning.  May each of you have PEACE,  JOY --and lots of GOOD HEALTH in 2015.

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Here's to Health and Happiness.
A Toast to the New Year!
Peace and Joy to All of Us.
Prosperity and Cheer!
Years Come and Go;  Some Bad,  Some Good.
New Years Provide the Space,
Each to Fill with what One Would,
Windows upon Grace.
Years Come and Go, yet still we Toast
Each One, for each one seems
As though it were a new-found coast,
Rich with Hope and Dreams.