Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our Beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

George and I spent a couple of days enjoying some hiking and of course some special time for  photography in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee  on January 17 and 18,  2017.   Two of our favorite places to go are the Tremont area (west of Gatlinburg)  AND the Greenbriar area (east of Gatlinburg).   We love going on those back roads and stopping to take LOTS of pictures along the creeks/water...

Today I will share two pictures for you... The header at the top was taken on 1/17 at TREMONT... I love sitting by the creek enjoying the beautiful Rhododendrons by the water...

The other picture  was taken on 1/18 at GREENBRIAR.  Again,  there are Rhododendrons along the creek bank.  But--I also love seeing the little bridge crossing the creek.

Hope you enjoyed a couple of pictures from 'our'  SMOKIES!!!!!  They are just so gorgeous!