A beautiful CARDINAL on a Snowy Day in our backyard

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sad Little Carolina Wren

December begins our Winter Season here in Tennessee.....  Sometimes we get some snow in December and sometimes we do NOT....  BUT---I just had to share this picture  (NOT from this year) of a very upset Carolina Wren waiting for a turn at the Bird Kitchen on our deck --on a cold and wintery day!!!!!  He was perched on a Rhododendron bud while waiting.    I love the picture  --along with the Cardinal in the header at the top....   When it is snowy,  the sad and hungry little birds flock to the feeders and I enjoy watching them.....

Here's hoping that we do get some SNOW here this winter.  It would be nice to have some during the Christmas Season --but I'll enjoy it whenever we get some....... HOPE HOPE HOPE.....

Have a wonderful Christmas my friends---and be sure to feed the birds when it's cold outside!