CEDAR BREAKS National Monument, Utah; (Picture taken on our visit there, 9/17/17);

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah --9/17/17

Hello to my wonderful Blog Friends!   George and I just returned from a wonderful 16 day trip out west...  This trip was spent mostly in Utah and in a little part of Arizona...  Today's header and photo are both from one of our favorite places,  CEDAR BREAKS  NATIONAL MONUMENT (found near Cedar City, Utah).  This park isn't open year-round like many of them, since their elevation is over 10,000 feet... They do get a lot of snow there!!!  In  fact,  on our last trip in June of 2011,  we did see some snow while there.

This year,  even though there was a brisk and cold wind blowing while we were there,  we did not see any snow... I am featuring two of my favorite pictures for you today from this trip to Cedar Breaks...  I love seeing the gorgeous Engelmann Pine trees in this park.  However,  beetles have destroyed many of them..  BUT--the good news is that these pines come back quickly--as you can see when looking at my blog post photo today..

Hope you enjoy these two pictures ---and hope you will stop by my Joyful Reflections Blog next week to see much more from our fabulous Western Trip...

Have a fantastic October!