Mr. Robin Redbreast doesn't like this cold weather!!!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

LILIES in our Yard

DIZZY Lilies in our Yard
During the Summer, we love all of our Lilies and our Day Lilies... Last month I featured some of our Day Lilies--so this month,  I'm featuring some of our Lilies...

The Lily in the header header (at the top) is named STARGAZER...   I love this lily.  I didn't notice the critter on the lily until I posted it on here.  Can you see it?  

The photo in this post is another of my favorite lilies,  named  DIZZY....  I enjoy seeing our Lilies individually --but also enjoy them in groups!

Hope you enjoy seeing both of these pretty LILIES in our yard.

Have a wonderful JUNE, my Friends.