Mr. Robin Redbreast doesn't like this cold weather!!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Closing down this BLOG

When I started this 2nd blog,   it was to be an alternative to my main blog  (Joyful Reflections).  I started it for two reasons:  1. to give people who like short blogs an alternative to my longer one;  and 2. a place to show off some of my better photos....

This blog never did catch on with most people since I seldom ever got more than 5-8 comments each time I posted...   SO---because of the lack of interest and because of my time constraints,  I'm shutting down this blog for awhile.   I may or may not post here again...

BUT---I will definitely keep JOYFUL REFLECTIONS---so I invite all of you to click on the link and visit my main blog!!!!!  I post almost every Monday..

HAPPY NEW YEAR and many blessings to you.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Sad Little Carolina Wren

December begins our Winter Season here in Tennessee.....  Sometimes we get some snow in December and sometimes we do NOT....  BUT---I just had to share this picture  (NOT from this year) of a very upset Carolina Wren waiting for a turn at the Bird Kitchen on our deck --on a cold and wintery day!!!!!  He was perched on a Rhododendron bud while waiting.    I love the picture  --along with the Cardinal in the header at the top....   When it is snowy,  the sad and hungry little birds flock to the feeders and I enjoy watching them.....

Here's hoping that we do get some SNOW here this winter.  It would be nice to have some during the Christmas Season --but I'll enjoy it whenever we get some....... HOPE HOPE HOPE.....

Have a wonderful Christmas my friends---and be sure to feed the birds when it's cold outside!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

PISGAH INN on the BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY, North Carolina --10/11/17

We took a short trip to one of our favorite inns from  Oct. 10-13,  2017.     This inn is the Pisgah Inn which can be found along the Blue Ridge Parkway  at an elevation of about 5100 feet not far from Asheville,  North Carolina.

One of the joys of that trip was the view we had from our room in the inn.  What an awesome way to wake up!!!!!!   The header picture shows a view of the sunrise one morning...  The picture above shows the fog in the valleys below, during the early morning hours,  surrounded by those beautiful mountain ranges...  I could have stayed out on that balcony checking out this view FOREVER...

Hope you have an awesome NOVEMBER....  If you ever have a chance to stay at the Pisgah Inn,  you will LOVE it.   For more information about the Pisgah Inn,  click HERE.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah --9/17/17

Hello to my wonderful Blog Friends!   George and I just returned from a wonderful 16 day trip out west...  This trip was spent mostly in Utah and in a little part of Arizona...  Today's header and photo are both from one of our favorite places,  CEDAR BREAKS  NATIONAL MONUMENT (found near Cedar City, Utah).  This park isn't open year-round like many of them, since their elevation is over 10,000 feet... They do get a lot of snow there!!!  In  fact,  on our last trip in June of 2011,  we did see some snow while there.

This year,  even though there was a brisk and cold wind blowing while we were there,  we did not see any snow... I am featuring two of my favorite pictures for you today from this trip to Cedar Breaks...  I love seeing the gorgeous Engelmann Pine trees in this park.  However,  beetles have destroyed many of them..  BUT--the good news is that these pines come back quickly--as you can see when looking at my blog post photo today..

Hope you enjoy these two pictures ---and hope you will stop by my Joyful Reflections Blog next week to see much more from our fabulous Western Trip...

Have a fantastic October!


Friday, September 1, 2017

Autumn Colors in the Smoky Mountains 2016

Layers and layers of colors in the Great Smoky Mountains,  October 2016
Welcome to SEPTEMBER,  2017....   I hope that this month and future ones bring our family (especially son Mark) much more JOY...  August was rough for him  (first the death of his wife,  then the hurricane and flooding,  and then the price-gouging he had to endure in order to get his car fixed after the flooding)....  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.    (You can read more about Debbie's death and our love for her by clicking HERE,   and reading that post plus THIS one).

My pictures today  (header and post picture) were taken in October of 2016  on our trip to see the Autumn Colors  in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.   I hope that we can see more of this beauty this Fall.... I'm looking forward to the Autumn Colors  (but not raking the leaves)... ha ha

Have an awesome September, my Friends.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ROSES in our YARD--2017

SUMMER SURPRISE ROSE in our Yard,  7/25/17
Welcome to August.....   August is a special month for me since it is my birthday month.... George always  comes up with some nice surprises for me --so that makes it even more special,  except for the fact that I'm turning the BIG SEVENTY FIVE this coming Saturday, August 5.... YIPES....

Today I'm featuring two of our 2017 ROSES growing in our yard for YOU....  The header at the top is named  FLAMINCO and it is new to our yard this year.  Isn't it just gorgeous??  AND the one featured on this post is named  SUMMER SURPRISE.   The colors of these two roses are similar --but they are very unique and different,  one from the other....

Thanks to George and his hard work taking care of the roses  (trying to keep the deer away especially).   I really do get to enjoy seeing all of them blooming.   No two rose is ever alike,  even the ones on the same bush...    Don't we wish that people were more like roses?   The Roses just BLOOM and never complain or compare themselves to other roses...  Each one knows that he/she is beautiful and unique.

Have an awesome AUGUST, my Friends.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

DAY LILIES Galore in our Yard --2017

Welcome to JULY.....  I am not sure what happened to June --but it is gone!!!  Mercy Me!!!

Today I am featuring two of this year's Day Lilies blooming in our yard this month... The Header at the top is named Wild Horses Day Lily and this picture was taken on 6/13/17.

The Day Lily featured above is named  FUCHSIA DREAM DAY LILY.  This picture was taken on 6/20/17...

Hope you enjoy both of these Day Lilies...   We have many, many more beauties in our yard so I wish you were here to see them all in person!!!

Have a great month ahead..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA.   God Bless us ALL.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

LILIES in our Yard

DIZZY Lilies in our Yard
During the Summer, we love all of our Lilies and our Day Lilies... Last month I featured some of our Day Lilies--so this month,  I'm featuring some of our Lilies...

The Lily in the header header (at the top) is named STARGAZER...   I love this lily.  I didn't notice the critter on the lily until I posted it on here.  Can you see it?  

The photo in this post is another of my favorite lilies,  named  DIZZY....  I enjoy seeing our Lilies individually --but also enjoy them in groups!

Hope you enjoy seeing both of these pretty LILIES in our yard.

Have a wonderful JUNE, my Friends.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beautiful Day Lilies in our Yard

I love the color and name of these beautiful DAY LILIES in our yard...  (This year's Day Lilies won't bloom until Summer --so I am sharing some of the beauties from last year.)  The name of these little beauties is  PLUM PERFECT  DAY LILIES.   Hope you enjoy seeing them.