Mr. Robin Redbreast doesn't like this cold weather!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016


Here are two photos for you today..  Both were taken on our latest visit to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina on 11/20/16.   I enjoy walking through the conservatory at Biltmore and seeing all of their gorgeous Christmas Pretties on display.

The header shows some of that beauty.   The picture above shows one of the pretty wreaths on one of the big doors at Biltmore.  Do you like wreaths?  I love seeing all of the unique ones at Biltmore...  Gorgeous.

Hope each of you will have a fantastic December this year...  Blessings to you!

Be sure and check back on Monday (12/5/16) and see more pretty pictures from Biltmore on my main blog,  Joyful Reflections..  Click HERE.


Monday, October 31, 2016


George and I took a trip to the Smoky Mountains to see all of the Fall Colors...  We definitely went at the right time this year since we saw some of the prettiest colors there that we have ever seen before...  I think I took a gazillion pictures that day!!!!  

The picture above and the header photo were both taken on 10/19/16.   The header was taken on the road between Clingman's Dome and Newfound Gap.  The picture above was taken a little south of Newfound Gap (on the North Carolina side)...

Hope you have enjoyed this season..  Have a fantastic November.

(NOTE:  I do not know what the little symbol is on my Header Photo in the middle---and I cannot get it OUT.  It is not on my original photo...  Is this a new Blogger thing?   Anyone ever seen it?  Maybe they want me to make my picture smaller --which I do NOT want to do..... Ideas??????)


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Autumn Colors in our Neighborhood

My header gives you a pretty picture of the Aspens in Colorado --but one doesn't have to drive all the way to Colorado from Tennessee in order to see Fall Beauty.  This picture was taken in 2015 in our neighborhood while we were taking a walk...

I hope our Autumn here is as pretty as last year --but since we have been in a severe drought,  I am not sure what kind of colors (other than BROWN) we will have.  Guess I have to wait a few weeks to see what happens.  In the meantime,  I am enjoying last year's Autumn pictures.

Have a wonderful October wherever you are.


Thursday, September 1, 2016


I have been thinking about our wonderful trip last year (August, 2015) to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  One of the highlights of that trip was seeing the SUNSET each evening from various locations..

The header photo was taken from the Oxbow Bend area of the Grand Tetons.   Don't you love the reflections in the water along the Snake River?

This picture (above) was taken on August 24, 2015  but was from the Lake Jackson area.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my memories from the Grand Tetons.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Water Lilies and Lily Pads from Biltmore House and Gardens, Asheville, North Carolina

This is a great picture showing all of the colorful LILYPADS surrounding the Water Lily in my header.... I'm not sure which I like the best:  The Lily OR the Lily Pads!!!!   What do you think?

Both of these pictures (the one above AND the header) were taken at the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina.

Hope you are doing fine!!!!

Hugs to ALL,

Friday, July 1, 2016

Everything is Coming up YELLOW!!!

Welcome to JULY.... Today I am sharing a couple of beautiful YELLOW flowers in our yard which are blooming now.  The header is one of our pretty lilies,  named Golden Splendor.  AND--this rose is named Winter Sun.

Hope you have a fantastic July ----and  a Happy 4th of July to all!!!!  Enjoy family, friends, fellowship, food and fireworks!!!!!!  Happy Birthday America!!!

Hugs to all,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Welcome to June... Last month I featured some ROSES in our yard.  This month  I am featuring some of our LILIES... The header at the top is a picture of a group of lilies named DIZZY... And the picture above is of another couple of lilies named GOLDBAND.

Which of these two do you like the best?  I love them both --so it's hard to choose a favorite... However,  I do love the color YELLOW,  especially during the Summer.  SO---I guess I would choose Goldband.

Have a fantastic month!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

PINK PROMISE ROSE in our yard!

Welcome to May.... I cannot believe that time is passing so quickly.    I'm still working on my pictures from March!!!!!  Oh Well---tis life when one is BUSY!!!!

Hope you enjoy my header for May and also this picture of  PINK PROMISE ROSE in our yard.  I love seeing the Roses with raindrops on them...

Hope you have an awesome MAY!!!!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Everything is Coming up PURPLE

Welcome to April!!!!!  I cannot believe that time is marching by SO fast...

Today's photo was another one (along with my header this month) taken on our latest trip to Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina.

Biltmore does SUCH a great job with all of their seasonal gardens.. We try to get there 3-4 times a year to see different flowers in bloom during each season.  This time,  we saw lots of Daffodils,  Hyacinths,  Crocuses,  Pansies and Tulips blooming in the walled garden. We'll go back soon to see the Azaleas and more Tulips.

I loved the way they put all of the purples together.. I'm not sure I have ever seen prettier hyacinths.

Have an awesome month!